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Established in 1981 and one of Australia's leading recruitment companies, DFP Recruitment appointed Alaress to plan, design and develop their new website and digital front. As the web is shaping the way recruitment agencies function and interact with their clients, their employees and job seekers, it was important that the new website both looked impressive and provided a suite of enhanced functionality to users.

DFP's CEO Robert van Stokrom commented “When visiting our new website we wanted visitors to enjoy the same pleasant experience that is the pride of DFP reception staff around the country,” so a Live Chat facility was agreed upon to achieve a more personable destination.

DFP also needed the system to be fully integrated with their existing job board management system to assist in streamlining the publishing of jobs across multiple platforms including the website.


Our team kicked off with requirements analysis and a scoping phase that isolated some potential features that could improve existing business process.

Interfaces were designed based on complex information architecture and wire-frames which were created  to ensure that content and functionality was tailored to a range of target user groups including new clients, existing clients, existing employees/candidates and job seekers.

Large amounts of traffic visit the website daily to complete common business tasks such as entering time sheets and approving time sheets so where things the interface needed to be intuitive for these users whilst still strengthening the brand and marketing DFP’s services.

The interface designs were completed to adhere to the existing and well document  brand guidelines but tailored to provide a cutting edge look that utilised modern front-end technology such as jQuery, HTML5 and CSS3. The interfaces were built to meet highly demanding accessibility requirements and support for backward compatible browsers including IE6 needed to be factored in to support a large government user base.

We worked closely with DFP's operations team to create and brand a new “eServices” area on the website to develop a destination online for DFP's staff and clients to access frequently requested resources further streamlining day to day business operations.

As with any high traffic website, the final testing and deployment phases were critical and Alaress worked with DFP to launch the new website with minimal impact to employees and clients who use the system to log their timesheets daily.

As part of DFP's new online presence and with the global evolution of recruitment within the digital space, Alaress worked to enhance DFP's integration of social media marketing by designing and creating new Facebook and Twitter pages, integrating social media widgets throughout the website, blog and job feed and displaying a dynamic Twitter thread with the website's homepage.

The system behind the website has some advanced features including:

  • A integrated live chat facility that will enable real time contact with any visitor
  • A fully integrated XML communication layer to DFP's existing job board management application FastTrack.  This dynamic data communication between the public website and DFP's existing business operations enables DFP's consultants around Australia to update the job listings on the public website by simply clicking a checkbox without the need for any special training or knowledge. They don't even touch the website's content management system.
  • The XML integration with FastTrack enables job seekers to access up-to-date job opportunities on the public website. An advanced job search and other functionality was built to support these users.
  • Enterprise level website content management system to enable site-wide ongoing updates to be maintained by DFP in-house.
  • Integration with Twitter and other social media platforms.


The DFP website was Launched on the 30th September 2011. Feedback from the recruitment industry, DFP's vast client and candidate base and internal staff has been overwhelmingly positive.

With a range of new features and a new corporate website that offers both new and existing clients access to information previously inaccessible, the new website has been a huge success. Traffic from search engines is on the rise since launching the website driving new business growth.

Shortly after launch, Alaress commenced working on future improvements to the website and a mobile friendly version of the website which will help further position DFP as a digital leader in the recruitment industry.

DFP Recruitment

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